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Balance Update - Now Live!

24. 2. 2015

Responding to feedback received from our awesome community of Robocrafters we've made a few balance changes in the last hour which are now live - login again to be sure to get the full changes straight away, but no download update is required.

Changes are as follows:

- Max CPU values changed so that 1500 CPU Robots made with all Free cubes do not push up into T4
- Larger Robots are allowed in lower Tiers
- Tiers 1-3 still have some 'max CPU' limits, but those limits have been raised
- T1 max CPU is 750, T2 is 1000 and T3 is 1250, all other Tiers have no max CPU
- Electroplates shield strength buffed by 25%

Please keep giving us your feedback, we love it all, good or bad.